Privacy Policy

Freejobpedia is an Internet site where you can visit our site without leaking your information or without telling about yourselves to us. You need not share who you are and your age etc. All the information connected to you is very personal. Our internet server just collect your Domain names and ip address just to count number of visits. It will be in our server for one month. counts these visits to know the measure of use of our site so that we can make our website better my altering. We never share ip address of our visitors for third party.

We safeguard the personal information of the visitors. We just ask you to provide with some information so that we serve you better. You may be wondering as well as curious to know what we do with all such information of our visitors, and its your very own right to know about our usage of your information. So we have this Privacy Policy to know the use and handling of your personal information.

Use of your personal information- We wont take information of yours for our own business and not for any benefit of third party. So we will never release any information of you to third party expect as permitted by law.